• Alicija

    “…an incredibly powerful and well made film….”

  • Alicija Brothel

    “A dark but excellent film…”

  • Alicija Dinner

    “Tackling the difficult theme of human trafficking, it put a face and humanity to those involved”

  • Kitchen Arguing

    “The darkest of the four, but certainly my favourite, was Mike Peacock’s ‘Alicija’.” 

  • Piotr

    “…they really do deserve some serious recognition.”

  • The Date

    “A simple and eloquent film… a lesson in storytelling and acting that can scarcely be bettered.”



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With 40 years joint prior experience in script/screen writing/theatre directing/producing & storytelling, Peacock Productions was formed by Mike and Becky Peacock in 2014 to put passions & expertise into a new and lasting medium.

Peacock Productions are a film productions company specialising in writing, directing and producing new material. They often make films on dark and difficult subjects with their trademark lightness of touch and humour or with justice or hope at their core.

Film nominations include The Kino International Film Festival, The London Modcom Film Festival, The Buxton Film Festival and won Short of the Month at The Online Short Film Festival. Their film ‘The Date’ was also nominated for Best of British and Best Short Film at UKCFF. 

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