Tales From The Miracle Book

A brand-new, dynamic way of telling Bible stories to Primary Schools


Since 2001, Rhema Theatre Company have been performing in primary schools throughout the UK. Over the years we have developed and created a style of story theatre, which has entranced and delighted hundreds of thousands of children and teachers alike.

A new online resource which Primary schools & churches can subscribe to, which will be filled with a library of exciting filmed Bible stories.

Each episode will be 3-4 minutes long and designed to be viewed individually or joined together as part of a whole. There will also be lesson plans, games, questions & ideas to go with each episode.

So step into ‘The Miracle Book’ and come on an amazing journey!

This autumn we will be producing our first 12 short films – which will be an exciting re-telling of the life of Jesus and the key events of the Easter story. This will be available for schools to download for the start of the spring term. In the summer term we will begin to produce our 2nd group of 12 films – this time all about Christmas. Each year we will add on more & more films and resources, so that by the end of year four we will have almost 100 films & lessons plans available. 

If you’d like to help support us in the making of this exciting project, please click here


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