In The Dark Streets

Short film collection              

‘Yet in the dark streets shineth, the everlasting light…’


The Project

‘In the Dark streets’ is a collection of short films about Christmas… for those who really don’t feel like Christmas. For many, Christmas is the darkest time of the year. After all, grief and despair are hardly going to be swept away by a few strands of tinsel and some sparkly lights. But isn’t there a deeper, more profound truth behind the merriness of the season? Could it be possible to find Christ when you really need him the most? Could the blackest hour really be the place to find the ‘everlasting light’?

The Films

Our plan is to create a series of 6 short films, each with a running time of approximately 5 minutes. The films will be made widely available and freely distributed to those who need to hear their message the most. The 6 films will each cover a different issue that some of our UK population are struggling with. Film themes include bereavement/loss, depression/suicide, loneliness, addiction and debt.

an angelChristmas baublelady hat

The story behind why we’re making the films 

The idea for the project came to the writer, Mike Peacock, whilst struggling with depression one Christmas. In a church carol service, he found himself looking rounds at the jolly faces, smart jumpers and well-rehearsed choir and feeling absolutely no connection between what he saw and his own circumstances. Yet, when he began to sing the words of the carols, he suddenly realised that this was exactly what he needed to hear. ‘In The Dark Streets’ seeks to sweep away the tinsel and bring the true hope of Christmas to those who need it most.

Angel  An addict, broke and desperate for her next fix, is forced to sell herself on the streets…

The Longest Hour  At a graveside, a woman mourns. From the nearby church, the jolly sounds of the carols seem to mock her. But then she has a chance encounter with a young pregnant girl…

Knock At The Door  The bankrupt owner of a former bed and breakfast, contemplates ending his life. But then a woman in labour turns up at the door, needing his help…

graveyarddesperate innkeeperstar Christmaswoman in profile

Glad Tidings  A man with a past batons down the hatches and hides himself away from the Christmas merriment. But when an angel seeks him out and tells him the good news is for him, can he accept it?

The Coming of the Kings  A family is gathering… there are frantic preparations… guests are on the way… But beneath the perfect veneer they are trying to show there are cracks – debts & secrets & stresses. But when their guests finally do arrive, they find an unexpected change in their priorities…

The Bottle  A failed mother… a bottle… and no way out… Until she meets another new, young mother in difficult circumstances, who seems to be full of answers…

How The Films Will Be Used

The plan is for as many people as possible to see these films – for the films to find their way to those who need hear their message the most. With this in mind, the films will be made freely available for church services and outreach events. They will be made available online on a variety of platforms, with the plan to spread them virally. Often some of the most vulnerable don’t leave their houses and have only the TV/ internet for company which makes digital media/ facebook/ twitter and film/TV a great way to communicate the Christian message. In addition to launching this virally, we will also offer the films free to Christian media outlets and TV channels, as well as organisations that work with these issues, to put on their websites or circulate on social media. 

This web site will be updated with Biblical references after each film to help further unpack the meaning of the messages and ways to direct people to the relevant websites. We also will put a link to ‘find a church’ so that those seeking the hope that Christ brings will be able to find a community of believers near to their location. There will also be follow-up information for those who encounter the films outside of a church context and are looking for further help.

Funding and Timescale

We are looking for a total of £26,333 over 2 years to fund the making of these 6 films. We plan to begin filming in 2019 with the hope to have 3 completed by Christmas 2019 and have all 6 films completed by Christmas 2020. If you would like to pledge a donation to support this project then simply contact us